Nitrogen PSA Generators


Offers highly economical nitrogen generators and systems from small portable nitrogen generator units to large tonnage nitrogen plants suitable for refining, chemical processing and other applications. Low investment costs and low energy consumption are benefits of our nitrogen generators, guaranteeing a solution for every situation. IGS nitrogen generators operate according to PSA (Pressure swing adsorption) technology. High reliability, low operating costs and long lifetime are standard features of any IGS nitrogen generator plant. The PSA process for nitrogen generation mirrors that of oxygen.


How it works
  1. Each unit has two adsorber beds filled  with a Carboon molecular sieve (CMS).
  2. Compressed air enters one end of a bed.
  3. While the oxygen molecules are adsorbed by the CMS.
  4. The nitrogen molecules pass through the sieve and are stored.
  5. Once the tube is saturated with oxygen, the first absorber releases the gas, and the second absorber starts The process over again.
  6. Process start by air compressor of pressure around 8 bars And end up with N2 tank.



  1. Nitrogen consumption Cost saving up to 90% and more
  2. Wide range of Nitrogen production capacity from 1.0 up to 1000 Nm3 / hr 
  3. Wide range of nitrogen purity up to 99.99%
  4. Generating your Nitrogen in house from compressed air 
  5. No Shortage and stoppage of your process
  6. Stand by autochange over system
  7. Reliable system of up to 10 years of operation
  8. Very low maintenance cost 
  9. After sale service by qualified service team 
  10. Continuous data logging and supervision via Ethernet communication solution 
Adsorption air dryer

A compressed air dryer is a device for removing water vapor from compressed air.


Standard Modular Design

The standard modular design is the standard in heatless  Regenerative adsorption dryers. The dryer includes Adsorption cartridges, pre-and after filters as well as an Electronically controlled zero-loss condensate drain.


• New purification package is for dew points less than –40°C.

• Built for volume flows of up to 145,83 m3/min and higher.

• Intelligent load-dependent control saves energy costs