Shaft alignment systems

In our modular systems that are easy to use, you will always find a solution to your shaft alignment requirements.

Condition Monitoring Systems

Reap all the benefits with our measurement systems for machine condition monitoring and diagnosis: improved machine availability and product quality, lower production and maintenance costs.

Induction bearing heaters

Our induction heating systems are the better shrink-fitting solution for mounting roller bearings.

  • Shaft alignment.
  • Bore and bearing shell alignment.
  • Straightness and flatness measurements.
  • Roll parallelism measurements.
  • Monitoring of positional changes.

  • Data collectors.
  • Vibration analyzers.
  • Online continuous monitoring systems.
  • Consulting and training.
  • Machine and diagnostic service.

  • Shrink fitting induction heaters.
  • For bearings up to 500kg.
  • Robust equipment for workshop use.
  • Demagnetization: no residual magnetism avoids collection of debris.
  • Control sensor for automated compensation of potential laser drift
  • Measurement methods for true bore center and specific applications
  • Exclusive large bore brackets for tops-on and tops-off applications
  • Simple and quick measurement process up to 40 m (130’)
  • Powerful built-in splice function maximizes measurement flexibility and extends measurement range
  • Takes care of reference line position, rotor sag and thermal growths
  • Live Move function to monitor the alignment corrections in real time.
  • Accurate pulley alignment with laser
  • Efficient, time-saving single operator laser pulley alignment system prolongs machine life
  • Efficient and easy: One-person operation
  • Time-saving: Displays parallel offset, vertical and horizontal angle corrections all at once with only one system set-up
  • No cross-check: Measure once and correct
  • Reduces vibration and belt noise
  • Reduces downtime and energy costs


  • The 5-in-1 data collector for machine condition monitoring
  • With 5 built-in measurement functions, VIBROTIP is the right partner for your condition-based maintenance needs.
  • 5 measurements in one instrument
  • Interface for external accelerometer and temperature probe
  • VIBCODE compatible
  • Route-based data collection with the OMNITREND software
  • Simple 3-key operation
  • Rugged design for industrial usage
  • Intrinsically safe version available