Refrigerated Air Dryers


For GD Compressors, quality and efficiency is just as important for compressed air treatment as it is for compressed air generation. Just like GD compressors, the GDD-HS series refrigerant dryers also provide a consistently high performance with optimum efficiency for many industrial compressed air applications. They are carefully selected depending on working conditions with continuous dew point monitoring enabling reliable operation with the lowest possible pressure losses and running costs.


Dual Technology Dryers


The premium range of oil/water separators from Gardner Denver separates oil from the condensate generated by compressed air systems, using three stages of treatment to separate difficult condensate. Utilising a specially treated adsorbent, polypropylene media, the Gardner Denver Oil-/Water Separators effectively separate all compressor lubricants without the need for condensate storage tanks, settling chambers or costly disposal.

Adsorption Dryers

The Gardner Denver GDX series of heatless regenerative dryers are the ideal solution for many thousands of compressed air users worldwide in a wide variety of industries. Compressed air purification equipment must deliver uncompromising performance and reliability whilst providing the right balance of air quality with the lowest cost of operation.


Low Capacity Membrane Dryer - MMD Series


Moisture (water vapor) is present in ambient air as a gas and cannot be filtered.  Membrane fibers present in the MMD Series remove water vapor to prevent it from condensing into harmful liquid water droplets inside compressed air systems. The MMD Series membrane dryer utilizes a spiral wrapped bundle of tube shaped membrane fibers to remove water vapor from the compressed air stream. These fibers are engineered to separate moisture without reducing the oxygen content in the compressed air stream. The MMD Series is a great option for applications such as powder painting, laboratory instruments and food packaging machines with pneumatic components which cannot tolerate the presence of any moisture. 





Air Treatment Solutions


An efficient and smart air solution is more than a line of high-quality compressors. It is a combination of air generation, filtering, drying, condensation and purification expertise and products. Gardner Denver's complete compressed air systems provide not only compression packages, but a full range of air treatment systems. The Gardner Denver range of air treatment equipment is designed for optimum performance and life with a sensitive watch on energy consumption. Each Gardner Denver product has been designed to offer reduced energy usage or to include energy saving features.

In every compressed air system water is the single largest contaminant and often the most obvious. Removing this liquid condensate from the system can be a high energy consuming area if not managed correctly.