Wooden and Furniture industries

The Wooden and Furniture sector is one of the most important industrial sectors in Jordan in terms of its contribution to the overall economic activity and employment. It is one of the most promising sectors experiencing exceptional growth and great opportunities for investment. The growth of this sector is greatly linked with the growth of the Construction Sector and urban activity, as its products are used in the equipment of restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and many other economic activities.

The Wood and Furniture sector is the third largest industrial sector in terms of the number of establishments, the most of which are craft facilities that amount to about 97% of the sector's total establishments. Such entities rely heavily on skilled labor allowing many job opportunities; thus contributing to addressing the problem of unemployment in Jordan as this sector is ranked fourth in terms of the number of workers in craft facilities at the level of other industrial sectors. Workers in the sector are characterized by competency, precision and artistic activity which led to the excellence of the sector besides raising its competiveness in both domestic and foreign markets.

Furniture industry in Jordan started in the form of small workshops which played an important role in the production of handmade furniture. Currently, furniture industry in Jordan includes a large industrial scale operating facilities in terms of production, in order to meet the local and foreign markets' needs of products like kitchen and office furniture, home, schools, hospitals and hotels furniture.

Jordanian furniture manufactures keep pace of designs and trends in target markets as they handle the task of developing new designs and methods that satisfy the changing tastes of their customers. Most of these facilities have already got the ISO 9000 certificate and other required quality certificates, in addition to the use of the latest technology and modern equipment to meet the international quality standards.

The Wooden and Furniture sector includes the following sub-sectors:

Wood panels, veneer and plywood and plastics.

Wooden building products, carpentry, including doors, windows, wooden frames and decoration works.

Wooden molds.

Wooden hand toolsand structures.

Wooden handicrafts.

Cork products, straw and plaiting.


Furniture of all kinds (home, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals and laboratories).


Ceramic pots, tableware and ornamental statues and other ceramic products.

Jordanian furniture is distinguished by the use of the finest types of woods and raw materials in the production processes, such as beech and pine as well as a wide variety of wood imported from Africa, Asia and South America. This has contributed to the production of high quality products leading to exporting Jordanian furniture as Jordan exports to eight major markets most of which are centered in the Arab Gulf countries and Iraq

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