Therapeutics and Medical industries

The Therapeutics and Medical sector is an essential pillar that plays an important role at the industrial sector level in particular and Jordan's economy in general. The Jordanian pharmaceutical industry is a leading sector in the region that represents a success story as it has been able to accomplish achievements and development.

Today, the sector includes 108 factories in Jordan whose expansion and development on the regional and international scale made the sector a true success story. The number of Jordanian overseas factories has amounted to 15, and perhaps the most prominent characteristic of this sector is its dependence on Jordanian labor in all administrative and technical levels which account for more than 99% of the total employees which are up to 8000 workers.

The sector also reflects an outstanding export level seen in the pharmaceutical industry and therapeutic medical supplies as a model for achievements whose exports amounted to about 626 million Jordanian Dinars in the year 2014, accounting for about 80% of the total existing production.

The Therapeutics and Medical sector is characterized by its compliance with health, control and safety standards, and this indicates the quality and ability of the sector to compete in domestic and export markets.

The Therapeutics and Medical sector consists of the following sub-sectors:

1. Medical and therapeutic materials.

2. Medicines.

3. Medical and therapeutic antiseptics.

4. Natural medical cosmetics.

5. Veterinary therapeutic products

6. Laboratory reagents and medical devices and supplies.

7. Visual and audio-visual equipment.

8. Dental equipment and supplies.

9. Medical products.

10. Any other similar industries within this sector.

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