Mining  industries

The mining industry sector is one of the most important strategic industries as the mineral wealth constitutes the basis for any country's economic as well as social development. It mainly and actively contributes to the employment of local labor and catering for the needs of the market of production raw material, in addition to supplying the national income with hard currency.

Phosphate and Potash are the most significant natural resources in Jordan. Hence, the sector primarily relies on large investments which pushed several firms to invest in such a promising field; The Mining Sector is the third largest industrial sector in terms of capital of industrial establishments and the fourth largest sector in terms of its relatively large and stable exports in the year 2014; it also ranked first in terms of foreign investments in Jordan. Moreover, the products it provides serve as production inputs for other industries, such as fertilizers. Many positive outlooks are looming with an increasing domestic added value along with investing in other areas, such as Shale Oil and Uranium. This requires activating the exploitation of untapped raw materials in the Kingdom to achieve a progress that works for meeting the global great demands as many countries move towards relying on alternative energy sources.

The mining sector consists of the following sub-sectors:

* Phosphate and Potash.

* Cement.

* Mining and extraction of limestone to produce calcium carbonate.

* Mining and manufacturing kaolin, gypsum, feldspar and silica.

* Extracting and crushing stone tablets, slabs, marble and granite stones and sand.

* Chalk mining.

Jordan's central geographical location near export markets is one of the factors that increases the competitiveness of Jordanian production. Moreover, Jordan is moving towards allowing the private, local, Arab and International sectors to invest in the mining industry to the end of bringing about several technical advantages and financial returns for both the sector and the economy as whole.

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