Leather and Garments industries

The Leather and Garments sector mainly consists of the industries of textile, apparel, and leather products, and its importance is attributed to its large contribution to the total national exports which amounted to 20.3% of the total industrial exports in the year 2014. Jordan attaches a special importance to this sector as one of the most promising industrial sectors that can enhance Jordan's exports due to its being a hub for many of the foreign investments.

The sector has shown remarkable growth in recent years, benefiting from the advantages provided by the incentives contained in the free trade agreements which enabled investors to access many of the world markets. The sector’s total exports amounted to nearly 1024.6 million Jordanian Dinars in the year 2014 compared to about 931 million Jordanian Dinars in the year 2013.

The Leather and Garments sector is one the labor-intensive sectors that contributes to the local employment opportunities.

The Leather and Garments sector comprises the following sub-sectors:

1. Yarn and fibers.

2. Tissues and fabrics.

3. Non-woven fabrics.

4. Carpets and rugs and textile floor coverings.

5. Embroideries and hand-made textiles.

6. Knitted fabrics or crocheted and knitted fabric products.

7. Garments and clothing accessories.

8. Non-apparel textiles: towels, bed sheets, curtains, woven bags and tents.

9. Leather products.

10. Shoes and shoe parts.

11. Leather bags.

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