Chemical and cosmetics Industry


The Chemical and Cosmetics sector companies consist of industrial establishments that open on a large scale and that are owned partly or totally by the state whose products include oil refining, petrochemicals and fertilizers. On another level, such establishments comprise small or medium-sized enterprises owned by the private sector and produce a wide range of consumer products.

This sector is significant as it offers varied and versatile products which are used in many areas such as construction, manufacturing processes, metal processing, sterilization and disinfection products and cosmetics of all kinds. This vital sector also provides many production inputs for other industries such as raw and processed materials.

This sector is the second largest industry in terms of exports, which amounted to 922.5 million Jordanian Dinars in the year 2014, and it offers high quality products that were able to access many of the regional and international markets for their compliance with international standards. The development of this sector requires focusing on investment in research and development and innovation activities, and working to link education in chemical and applied engineering faculties with the requirements of the chemical industry.

The Chemical and Cosmetics sector consists of the following sub-sectors:

* Oil refining products.

* Inorganic chemicals materials.

* Organic chemical materials.

* Petrochemicals.

* Fertilizers.

* Pesticides and other agricultural chemicals.

* Dyes, paints and similar coatings.

* Printing inks.

* Soaps, detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations

* Perfumes and cosmetics.

* Shampoos, hair sprays, cosmetics and shaving preparations.

* Explosives and matches.

* Gum and glue.

* Refined and processed salt.

* Dead Sea products (salts, mud, natural cosmetics materials).

* Lighting products, paintings, photographs and films.

* Anti-freeze materials, fluids processing and hydraulic transport processors.

* Materials used in the completion of tissue processing and dyeing